Aktuelle Infos zur Draglesung - Vicky wills wissen!

Talking about identity and diversity.

Fotocredits: Shell Eide

Why do you think it is important to talk about identity and diversity with children from a young age on? 

Would you go to an event like a dragreading in a libary?

How do you experience the queerworld around you? 

What is the best advise you can give to build on a world where everbody can be the best version of themselves?

What do you do to build on a world with peace, love and acceptance?

NEWS: Infos zur Drag Lesung am 13.06.2023

Wir lesen euch die Welt, wie sie euch gefällt! - Infos zur Drag Lesung 

Hier erfahrt ihr alles über die Drag Lesung am 13.06.2023 speziell für Kinder und Eltern!

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Hier gehts zum Artikel von T-Online vom 05.05.2023

Here is the link to the English article from 08th May 2023 in Times (London)


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